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26th September 2011

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Becoming an Expert In…

1. Smartboards

I would like to be an expert in Smartboard technology because I feel that this is the new generation of the chalkboard. It seems that whenever there is a lesson on the Smartboard, it grabs the attention of the students in the class a lot better than a regular chalkboard. We have recently installed many Smartboards in the school and I feel that it would be extremely useful to take advantage of this great opportunity and learn how to get the most out of this new technology when it comes to learning and hopefully teaching teachers how to do the same.

2. Prezi

I have only recently been exposed to Prezi and for the short time that I have gotten the chance to work on it or see it during a classmate’s presentation, it has seemed extremely interesting. The regular old PowerPoint presentations are very dull to sit through and Prezi is a much more entertaining way of doing those. I feel that Prezi will be a very useful tool when it comes to future projects in high school, university or even in the workplace and it would be great to be able to learn how to use it.

3. Clickers

I have used clickers before in my math classes and I feel that using these clickers really does enhance the learning experience. I feel that this could be very useful in university preparation because in university, from what I heard, the exams are all multiple choice and clickers will give students possible practice when it comes to difficult multiple choice questions where options range from A - H.

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