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14th September 2011

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Classroom Technology


Clickers are used in classrooms as an upgrade from the old “raise your hand” concept. Teachers are now able to create multiple choice type questions on the computer and hand out clickers to their students and see what the students answers for that question are. Clickers help with the learning process because it allows people to voice their opinions anonymously. One of the big problems within a classroom is that there will always be those students who are shy and will not usually volunteer their thoughts, answers or opinions on a subject. As a person who was once one of these quiet ones, it was difficult for me because I had many ideas and thoughts in my head that I could contribute, but I was unable to because of my fear of public speaking. But with clickers, these students are able to voice their opinions, thoughts or answers without speaking out in class. This enhances the classroom experience because it will not be the same handful of students always participating, but instead, classroom discussion will finally be a discussion that involves the whole class.


Smartboards are used in classrooms as a way of replacing the outdated blackboards. These Smartboards give teachers many more possibilities when it comes to being creative and more efficient. They help with the learning process because of the “awe” factor a Smartboard has. When a person is curious or amazed by a certain object, the person will pay more attention to it. Students have seen the exact same looking chalkboard throughout their educational careers, with implementing Smartboards in classrooms, it gives something brand new and never before seen by students which will help capture their focus because of the “shiny new thing” factor it brings.

Google Docs

After using Google Docs for the first time in class recently, I believe that it can be a very useful tool when it comes to school. Rather than the old “get into groups of 4 and brainstorm ideas about _____ ” Google Docs brings a whole new element of brainstorming. Rather than splitting the class up, Google Docs invites the whole class to come together to work on a single document. This is as good as teamwork could possibly get. The most important thing about Google Docs to me is that everybody is doing is over their own computer monitor. During group work, there always seems to be one person who is somewhat forced to being the scribe, one person is contributing the majority of the ideas and there are a couple of people who are not big fans of group work. The way Google Docs is set up is that it combines the individual work and the group work together so that it accommodates everybody and because the group is the whole class, there will not be that one person who carries the group on their back and thus it helps to even out the contributions.

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